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Fosbury Flop: Youth Coaching Guidelines: Essential Reading

Before you begin to worry about the technical model, it is of utmost importance to understand the established guidelines of High Jump for young athletes. The Fosbury Flop Youth Coaching Guidelines outlines at what ages and what physical landmarks it is appropriate to introduce the event and the key considerations of the coach. It also highlights the main coaching points you need to prioritise to safety and performance.

STAR Videos Recommended Viewing
The Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach resources includes your STAR videos, which go through the technical model of High Jump. If you follow the ‘Field’ and then ‘Coaching High Jump’ links, you will be given access to a range of videos of recommended drills and technique.

Coaching Manauls Recommended Reading
We recommend the following two manuals, which detail the technical model and coaching cues for High Jump. The LA84 Track and Field Coaching Manual (High Jump from Page 346) and Run! Jump! Throw! (High Jump from Page 125)

Introduction to Coaching the Fosbury Flop Recommended Viewing
This video will put your coaching eye into practice to assist you analyse the main aspects of the Fosbury Flop.

High Jump Approach Mapping Advanced Reading

A scientific approach to designing the most effective approach possible, for elite performance.

Gary Bourne’s Recommended Conditioning Exercises for High Jump Advanced Reading

Athletics Australia’s Head Jumps Coach provides his training programs for how to condition developing jumpers.