Resisted Sprint Drills - Learn How and Why Resisted Sprints

This video covers the rationale behind resisted sprints and a small selection of drills that can be implemented for senior athletes.

South Australian coach, Dylan Hicks, who published an article on resisted sprint drills in the IAAF’s New Studies in Athletics made the following comments on the content of this video:

“Overall, I’d say the video was portraying the correct things. 

I hadn’t seen that ‘post’ position before where she snaps into triple extension but doesn’t go anywhere. I guess that could be useful for some athletes. I think with all those drills, they should probably compliment the ‘drill’, with a resisted run right after, so the athlete is trying to transfer the static position to dynamic etc. 

I think the harness is a great teaching tool though. Even though you really can’t measure the load, as coach holding harness, the athletes generally get into a much deeper angle and drive back, rather than using a lighter sled load and cycling leg. I don’t see many using a resisted harness but along with sleds, I think are good coaching tools.”